Frequently Asked Questions


How can I volunteer with or advocate for FH?

We're glad you want to join us in working for the poor. If you’d like to advocate, we have several examples of ways to get involved on our advocacy page. Please fill out an application form, so we can get you started.

Can I donate proceeds from a fundraising event to FH?

Yes! Gifts from people like you make our work possible. You can donate your fundraising in a one-time gift.

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Child Sponsorship

What is child sponsorship?

When you sponsor a child through Food for the Hungry, you begin a relationship with a child. Through consistent monthly support, letters, and prayers—you and your sponsored child build a relationship that ministers to both of you. Your sponsored child’s community will also experience lasting change.

What do sponsored children receive?

FH staff work with churches, leader and families to develop a development plan in your sponsored child’s community. The plan includes equipping each family and community to adequately provide for their children’s need in areas of education, health and nutrition. This community transformation plan has a strong impact on children in basic needs (water and food), education, spiritual development and health (medical care).

What is expected of me?

The cost of sponsorship is $38 per month or $456 per year. We encourage you to set up your pledge on an automatic payment, which many sponsors find convenient. Automatic payments also save processing time and expense so that we can better serve the field. You will be invited to set up your automatic payment when you begin your sponsorship. Besides your financial commitment, we hope you'll also choose to write letters, pray and advocate for your child.

What type of communication can I expect about or from my sponsored child?

All new child sponsors will receive an initial Sponsorship Welcome Package. The package will contain information about your sponsored child, your sponsored child's family, and the community your sponsored child lives in. You will also receive an update on your child’s community and your child, an annual Christmas card, and responses from your child when you write to him or her.

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Donor Services/Finance

What is the breakdown of the FH operating expenses?

FH uses 83 percent of donations to serve the people who need it most around the world. Through projects and education, FH partners with the poor to increase food supplies, clean water, medical care, spiritual support and education. We help communities to become self-sustaining. The remaining 17 percent is for the operating expenses of all operations and field offices with more than 3,000 staff worldwide.

Why is the donation envelope addressed to Albert Lea, MN?

We found using an agency that provides donation processing services reduces our administrative costs. We don’t have to add another building, processing equipment, or additional staff. It keeps our overhead costs lower and gets donations working in the field more quickly.

Where do the grants come from?

Most of our grants come from USAID — the United States Agency for International Development. In emergencies, some funds can come from OFDA — USAID's Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance. Food for the Hungry has been blessed to receive many such grants over the years. We have a track record of accomplishing, monitoring and reporting on our work in serving the poor.

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