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Poverty Facts, Causes and Solutions

The Remarkable Truth About World Poverty

Discover in this eBook how you can answer God's Call to make a difference.

Download: Poverty eBook

Is It Possible to End Poverty? 10 Creative Ways to Help Inspire You

Meet amazing people who use their gifts and talents to make a difference.

Download: Creative Ways eBook

The Startling Link Between Conservation and Hunger

Discover in this eBook simple ways you can end poverty and steward Creation.

Download: Conservation eBook

More Than a Refugee: The People Behind the Statistics

Learn about the challenges faced by displaced people and how you can help.

Download: Refugee eBook

7 Surprising Facts About Women and Poverty

Women are vital to overcoming poverty but are the most vulnerable.

Download: Women eBook

Poverty Unlocked: A 4-Week Study Series on Poverty

Learn in this four-week study what the Bible says about poverty.

Download: 4-Week Course

Theology of Poverty: An Audio Series Teaching About Poverty

Explore in this audio series the Christian response to hunger and injustice.

Download: Theology of Poverty

Fact Sheet on World Poverty and How We Respond

Get 10 facts about extreme poverty and how you can make a difference.

Download: Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet on Water and Sanitation Stress Worldwide

Get 10 facts about global water and sanitation stress.

Download: Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet on Poverty and Gender Equality Globally

Get 10 facts on the role of gender equality in community development.

Download: Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet on Forests and Community Development

Get 10 facts on the importance of forests in community development.

Download: Fact Sheet

Activity Guides

10 Character Lessons From Agriculture to Teach Your Kids

Teach the kids in your life character lessons we teach in our fields.

Download: Activity Resource

How to Build a Keyhole Garden in 5 Easy Steps

Learn to plan, build, fill and maintain a water-efficient, high-nutrient garden.

Download: Activity Resource

7 Days to Teach Your Child to Have a Thankful Heart

Get fun family activities to help your kids feel their blessings.

Download: Activity Resource

Hungry Decisions Experiential PowerPoint Slides

Make life-and-death choices With This interactive presentation.

Download: Powerpoint

The Hunger Banquet Guide to Experience Poverty

Bring friends and family together to experience a real-life poverty situation.

Download: Hunger Banquet PDF

10 Ways to Pray for Local and National Leaders

Learn about resources to help you change the world with your prayers.

Download: Prayer Resource

40 Ways to Grow Closer to God This Year

See how simple living, prayer and fasting can draw you closer to God.

Download: Activity Resource

Advent Calendar: Devotions and Family Activities

Get family devotions and crafts for four weeks plus Christmas.

Download: Activity Resource

Devotionals and Books

4 Relationships That Will Make You Whole

Find peace and fulfillment through the four relationships God created for you.

Download: Bible Study

Discover & Respond to God’s Call: 40 Daily Devotions

See how God has prepared you for your calling to help transform others.

Download: Devotional

Develop Your Strengths By Growing the Fruits of the Spirit

Learn about God's character and how to develop those traits in your life.

Download: Devotional

365-Day Devotional: Scripture & Insights

Start each day right by focusing on God and HIS goals for your day!

Download: Devotional

One at a Time: The Life, Passion and Ongoing Global Impact of Larry Ward

Read About the Remarkable Life of Food for the Hungry’s founder.

Download: Larry Ward eBook

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