Church Partnerships

“We have learned that partnerships are vital to working effectively in other places.” - Dave Bartlett, Orchard Hill Church

Emmanuel Community Church from Fort Wayne, Ind., visits Food for the Hungry community in Nicaragua

Your church is invited to partner with Food for the Hungry and start a journey to help the poor. Unify your church body around a cause close to God’s heart. Develop a partnership that changes the lives of people living in poverty. Transform a vulnerable community--and your own--as you follow Christ.


Imagine your congregation united around one common cause: bringing life change to an impoverished community.

We’ll partner your church with a developing region in Africa, Asia, Latin America or the Caribbean. With 40 years of experience meeting physical and spiritual needs worldwide, Food for the Hungry provides everything you need to unify your church around the cause of justice and mercy for the poor.


You know that poverty isn’t easy to solve. It’s a complex problem that can’t be fixed simply by passing out resources.

At Food for the Hungry, we believe that God has the keys for unlocking poverty. Your church will become part of our proven strategy for bringing long-lasting hope and change to the vulnerable worldwide.


A church partnership with Food for the Hungry isn’t just a great idea. It’s a proven strategy for empowering the local church and alleviating poverty.

Through your church’s partnership, you’ll see an entire community transformed.

Start the conversation with our Church Engagement department at 800-248-6437. Or fill out our interest form.