Social Policy

Food for the Hungry works to educate and mobilize Christians to end poverty together. Working in Washington D.C., our staff enters political arenas and other areas of influence to help the poor in developing countries.

Why does FH work with governments? Find out by clicking HERE.

Why should I get involved with FH advocacy?

As an advocate, you’ll be stewarding well the influence and voice God has given you. In reaching out to your areas of influence, such as Facebook, Twitter, church, school or work, or blog—you’ll be helping others to understand the cruelties of poverty and motivate them to take action. You’ll be helping to change the world and end poverty.

Get Involved

Step 1

Follow issues on advocating for public policy for the poor. Read up on Christians in social justice.

Step 2

Call, write a letter or plan to visit your Representative or Senators to tell them about the issues that concern you. View an example of a letter.

Step 3

Send information out to your social network through Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Let people know what impoverished people are facing today, and how they can help.