Women of Action

Women of Action is a worldwide network that equips women, mothers and business leaders living in poverty to reach their God-given potential.

You can become a Woman of Action by sponsoring a Food for the Hungry savings group – and you’ll be helping women help each other overcome poverty. Built upon biblical values, these groups meet regularly to learn about livelihood, savings, stewardship, legal rights, parenting and health.


Food for the Hungry staff and Bangladeshi women attend a savings group together.

Why join?

When you sponsor a Food for the Hungry savings group with your generous $39 monthly pledge, you’ll be helping to educate and empower Bangladeshi women. Women gather together in these groups and learn how to read, run a business and understand their legal rights.  A gift of $39 a month supports five women to participate in a group. $468 supports their participation for one year.

Sponsor Women of Action

Step one

Become a Woman of Action – sign up for our blog! Get updates about women around the world changing the lives of impoverished communities.

Step two

Sponsor Bangladeshi women. Help women participate in savings groups to learn to read, earn an income and create healthy social change.

Step three

Spread the word. You can host a Taste of Bangladesh party in your small group, women’s ministry or business network to tell others about Women of Action. Share your story on your Facebook and Twitter.
Email Heidi Hatch for more information at hhatch@fh.org.