Beehives $178item #10115A

Beehives help students learn a valuable way to make money.

Seeds and Tools $18item #10102B

Multitudes have fled South Sudan’s famine and are now refugees — with no possessions, and no way to grow their own food. But with your gift today, they’ll be able to raise apples, avocados, cashews, mangos, papayas, and more!

Pile of Poo $10item #10124

Manure never smelled so good! Cow dung fertilizer makes family farms more productive.

Chicken Coop $37item #10117B

A coop of chickens will provide a sustainable protein source, which can significantly improve the nutrition of vulnerable families!

Shipping Funds Any Amountitem #10912


FH is often gifted with critical life-saving medications and preventative vitamins for distribution into the communities we serve, but we need to ship them.

Ultimate Impact Fund Any Amountitem #00100


When an emergency strikes, FH seeks to respond to the desperate needs of those most impacted as quickly as possible. Make the Ultimate Impact by supporting this Fund!

ULTIMATE IMPACT FUND ITEM #00100 Print Gift Card Printer

This gift of any amount allows FH to distribute funds where they're needed most. This allows FH to have the flexability to respond to urgent needs offering life-saving support.


Ultimate Gift Impact

Can’t decide which item to give? Want God to use your gift for the greatest impact possible? Ultimate Impact Fund is the gift for you!

Why This Matters

FH works in an unpredictable world, where weather, politics and ethnic conflicts can leave hundreds of thousands destitute. Your gift allows FH to be the hands and feet of Jesus, to respond where God calls us.